If you’re looking to expand your reach and get more out of your search network campaigns, targeting non-converted customers is a great way to do it. With Google Ads, you can target people who haven’t yet converted on your website or app but are likely interested in what you have to offer. Here’s how you can show your ads to non-converted customers on the search network.

1. Set Up a Remarketing List

The first step is setting up a remarketing list that includes all of the visitors who have visited your website or app but not yet converted. This will allow you to create targeted ads specifically for these people, as well as measure the performance of those ads compared with other campaigns. To set up a remarketing list, go into “Audiences” under “Shared Library” in Google Ads and click “+Remarketing List.” You can then select which type of list you want (website visitors or app users) and add any additional criteria that may be relevant (such as page views). Once you save the list, it will be available for use in campaigns immediately.

2. Create Targeted Ad Groups

Once your remarketing list is set up, it’s time to create ad groups specifically targeting these non-converted customers. To do this, go into “Ad Groups” under “Campaigns & Ad Groups” in Google Ads and click “+Ad Group.” From there, select the appropriate campaign type (Search Network) and enter a name for the ad group that indicates it is targeting non-converted customers (e.g., Non-Converts – Search). Then select the appropriate audience from the dropdown menu and save the ad group settings when finished.

3. Create Targeted Ads

Now that you have an ad group specifically targeting non-converted customers on the search network, it’s time to create targeted ads for them! Start by writing compelling copy that speaks directly to this audience – let them know why they should convert now instead of waiting any longer! Make sure each ad has its own unique message so they don’t all sound alike; this will help keep them from becoming stale over time and losing their effectiveness quickly. Additionally, consider adding dynamic text such as {KeyWord: [keyword]} or {QueryString: [query string]} so that each ad is tailored even further based on what people are searching for when they see it! Finally, don’t forget about callouts – adding short snippets about features or benefits at no extra cost can help increase clicks significantly!

4. Measure Performance & Optimize

Once your ads are live and running on the search network targeting non-converted customers, make sure you’re monitoring their performance closely so that any necessary adjustments can be made quickly if needed! Keep an eye out for things like low CTRs or high CPCs – if either one is too high compared with other campaigns/ad groups then something needs tweaking ASAP! Also pay attention to conversions; if none are happening then either something needs changing with your target audience/ads or maybe there just isn’t enough traffic coming through yet – either way it’s important information worth noting down so changes can be made accordingly moving forward!

By following these steps carefully and making sure everything is set up correctly from start finish – including creating targeted ads with dynamic text & callouts – you should see an increase in both clicks & conversions from non-converts on Google Ads’ Search Network soon enough! Good luck optimizing those campaigns & happy advertising 🙂