By analogy with the start of progress in Google, you’ll need to spend time searching for and analyzing key words and the formation of a semantic kernel for Baidu.

The worst case scenario is machine translation of keywords from English to Chinese. In most cases, you will receive phrases written at the level of “my your don’t understand”. Phrases translated in this way can (with caution) only be used to evaluate coverage and competition.

The best option is to hire a native speaker to collect and/or verify the data. Keywords that you are targeting should be checked for correct translation, and then use the appropriate tools to check their popularity.

Baidu tools for working with keywords

Baidu Keyword Trends

Baidu Keyword Research Tool

Also, even before the promotion starts, it would be useful to collect data on the visibility of competitors by keywords. After receiving competitors and analyzing their sites (and possibly some open data on statistics), you can adjust your semantic core and promotion strategy.