The tool prepares keywords for Yandex.Direct or Google Ads, adding the selected operators. Enter the source phrases (keywords) in the text box. One per line, or separated by commas.

Source phrases

By default, before processing:
  1. All characters will be reduced to lowercase
  2. Characters other than а-я, a-z, 0-9 - will be replaced with a space
  3. All phrases longer than 20 words will be deleted
  4. Exact duplicates will be deleted

Processing keywords

Y, G
In the Yandex.Direct counting of the number of words in a search query, Google Ads requires a phrasal search term match with the key phrase
Y, G
In the Yandex.Direct captures the order of the words in a search query, Google Ads requires an exact match of the search query with the key phrase
In Yandex.Direct, it fixes the word form in the search query..
The "+ " operator will be added to allstop words. At the same time, the original phrase, for example, «horse in a coat» will be duplicated in two versions - «horse +in +a coat» and «horse coat».