“Ad parameters” is a function of Yandex.Direct for transmitting various parameters using URLs. You can use it in combination with UTM link markup, or separately to get detailed information about clicks on your ad. Analyzing this data will help you optimize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

The technology for applying parameters works similarly to the ValueTrack function:

  1. You add a special parameter to the target URL in the form {tag}.
  2. When a user clicks on an ad and gets to your site, the parameter value is passed to the URL.

After reviewing this data using your analytics reports, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign, refine your ad targeting, and achieve a higher ROI.


Below is a list of parameters with a description of what values it passes.

ParameterDefinitionParameter values
{source_type}Type of ad platform where the ad was displayedsearch – search platformcontext-thematic
{source}YAN Ad platform namead platform domain — when displayed on the PC sitepope — when displayed on Yandex search results
{addphrases}Is this display initiated by “additional relevant keywords”?yes-display for one of the additional passphrasespo-display for one of the original passphrases
{position_type}Block type, if the display occurred on the Yandex search results pagepremium – special placementother-block downpope-block not on Yandex search
{position}Exact ad position in the blockitem number in block0 – if the ad was shown on the YAN theme platform.
{keyword}Keyword that the ad was used forKeyword text without negative keywords
{param1}First parameter of the keywordValue of the first parameter for this keyword.
{param2}Second keyword parameterValue of the second parameter for this keyword.
{campaign_id}Ad campaign number (ID)Number
{ad_id} or {banner_id}Ad number (ID)Number
{phrase_id}Keyword number (ID)Number
{retargeting_id}Number (ID) of the retargeting conditionNumber
{gbid}Group number (ID)Number

When using parameters, the link will look like this:


Please note!

In sitelinks, the substitution of parameter values {campaign_id},{ad_id},{banner_id}{phrase_id} is guaranteed only if the same parameters are present in the link of the ad itself.